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Rechargable Hot Water Bottles.

Rechargable Hot Water Bottle offers a faster option to combat the cold or as a device for heat therapy. It heats up in 20 minutes and retains heat longer than conventional water bottles. It comes with an automatic temperature control device to prevent overheating.

Available In assorted colors and designs.

Heats up in 20 minutes. Power indicator light. Charges in 8-12 minutes. Trusted quality. Exceptional value. Rechargable hot water bottle with fleece cover.

Product overview: This easy-to-store electric heating water bottle adopts a new generation of material, which is combined with senior medical plastics and high strength composite fibre. This product serves not only to combat the cold during winter, but also makes for an ideal heat therapy apparatus with physiotherapeutic properties in the fight against arthritis, cervical spondylitis, lower back pain and chilblains. This electric hot water bottle heats up quickly and retains its heat longer than the conventional hot water bottle. This product takes between 8 -12 minutes to charge and reaches a temperature of 75 degrees C. The hot water bottle heats up in 20 minutes and retains the heat for over 1,.5 hours. The hot water bottle has an automatic temperature control device to prevent overheating. The power cord for the charging device has an indicator light that indicates a successful power transfer when charging. The indicator light will turn red when it is charging and will switch off when charging is complete. This product has been injected with clean water before leaving the factory. This product has no need to be filled again. This sidesteps the routine of frequently refilling the device with water, as in a traditional hot water bottle.

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