Kidz Printed Coral Fleece - Various Designs - 150CM

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Kidz Printed Coral Fleece is thicker and has a higher “pile” than polar fleece. In layman’s terms it’s furrier than polar fleece. It’s what gives it it’s name (think coral poking up from the sea) and makes it perfect for blankets. Made of 100% polyester the fleece lends itself to outdoor wear - quick to dry & still warm when wet.

Coral Fleece Plain - Various Designs - 150cm

Sold per meter or per roll.

Width: 150cm

Roll Length: 60m


STOCK MAY NOT ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE, SEND US AN EMAIL AT WITH THE EXACT PRODUCT DESIRED TO CHECK STOCK AVAILABILITY or request a colour/pattern available in a picture but not listed in the online store, we will respond promptly and assist with your order.

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