Contact Adhesive - 5L

Contact Adhesive - 5L


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Genkem Contact Adhesive is the ultimate, indispensable tool for all general-purpose bonding needs, offering swift, flexible permanent adhesion. Among the sturdiest of adhesives, it ensures strong, reliable attachment between a range of materials, especially non-porous surfaces like glass, metal and hard plastics that may resist other glues. Easily applied with a brush to even those difficult-to-reach places, it adheres in wet form to multiple substrates, and in its tacky-to-dry stage, to itself. Once it's set, it won't let go!

  • The Ultimate General Purpose Contact Adhesive
  • Instant & Ultimate Bond Strength
  • Heat & Water Resistant
  • All Purpose
  • Environmentally Friendly

Suitable For Use On:

Wood, processed boards, masonite, plywood, veneer, floor coverings, foam, canvas, leather, felt, cloth, linoleum, glass, metal, rubber, cork and some plastics.

Ideal for hobby crafts, shoe repair, leather work, decorative work and general DIY projects.

Not Suitable For Use On:

Certain plastics such as polystyrenes and sheet vinyl.


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