Backpack Solar Panel (LS018)

Backpack Solar Panel (LS018)

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Backpack Solar Panel.

Model: LS018

Backpack light function description:

A Basic parameter:

Battery capacity: 3.7v / 4500mah

Solar panel: 3.5w/6v

Charging input: 5.0v / 2.0a

USB discharge output: 5v / 2.1a

Lighting function: 

1. Lighting, lighting is divided into 3 levels of brightness.

Power: 1 level 3.5W, 2 level 2.5W, 3 level 1.5W.

2. Alarm light, red and blue flashing.

Power: 0.5W.

Lighting Time:

Lighting level 1: lighting time is more than 6 hours.

Lighting level 2: lighting time is more than 8.5 hours.

Lighting level 3: lighting is more than 14 hours, red and blue bursting time is more than 40 hours.

Input Charging:

5.0V / 2A input to charge the internal battery, charging time is about 3 hours.

Output Discharge:

Maximum 5.0v / 2.1a to charge mobile phone or bulb.

Solar Panel:
Polysilicon 3.5W/6V
Size: 215mm x 130mm
Output: 5.0V/2.0A USB discharge,  5V/2.1A Lighting
Function: 3 Levels of Brightness /Flashing Light

Height:  240mm
Width:  140mm
Depth:  25mm


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