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    _1 CH5035/21 BR/GD

    3 Tier Metal Chandelier with Fluted Alabaster Glass and Crystal Drops

    – 21 x 40W ES
    Width: 1420mm
    Height: 1700mm
    Chain: 2100mm
    Ceiling Cup: 155mm
    Also Available:
    CH5035/6 BR/GD

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    Bright Star CH357

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    CH096/9 BK/GD

    9 x 60W ES Width: 800mm Height: 870mm Chain: 1000mm Ceiling Cup: 150mm Also Available: CH096/6 BK/GD

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    CH100/10 BLACK

    Matt Black Metal with Champagne Colour Glass

    – 10 x 40W ES
    Width: 1070mm
    Height: 820mm
    Ceiling Cup: 150mm

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    CH1458/15 OLD GOLD

    Metal and Resin Chandelier with Crystals.

    – 15 x 60W ES
    Width: 1300mm
    Height: 1500mm
    Chain: 1500mm
    Also Available:
    WB1458/2 OLD/GOLD
    CH1458/6 OLD/GOLD
    CH1458/6+3 OLD/GOLD

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    CH1458/6+3 OLD GOLD

    Metal and Resin Chandelier with Crystals

    – 9 x 60W ES
    Width: 980mm
    Height: 1000mm
    Chain: 1500mm
    Also Available:
    WB1458/2 OLD/GOLD
    CH1458/15 OLD/GOLD
    CH1458/6 OLD GOLD

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    CH1467/9 OLD GOLD

    Metal Chandelier with Brown Glass

    – 9 x 60W ES
    Width: 750mm
    Height: 600mm
    Chain: 2000mm
    Ceiling Cup: 160mm
    Also Available:
    WB1467/2 OLD/GD

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    CH187/6 BROWN

    Polished Chrome and Wood Chandelier with White Glass, Adjustable Rod

    – 6 x 40W SES
    Width: 435mm
    Height: 600mm

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    CH192/6 CHROME

    Polished Chrome Chandelier with Frosted Inner and Clear Outer Glass

    – 6 x 40W G9
    Width: 580mm
    Height: 420mm
    Chain: 350mm
    Ceiling Cup: 95mm

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    CH233/10 CRYSTAL

    Stainless Steel with Crystals

    – 10 x 50W GU10 ( Not Included )
    Base: 800mm
    Height: 2400mm

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    CH238/3 BLACK

    Matt Black Metal with Pulley Cord

    – 3 x 60W ES
    Length: 890mm
    Width: 220mm
    Height: 1370mm
    Ceiling Cup: 400mm

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    CH240A Chandelier

    CH240A Chandelier